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Manicure Services
Manicure Services Manicure Services
Regular Manicure (20 minutes)
Basic clean, massage and polish.
Exfoliation Manicure (25 minutes)
Basic clean, exfoliation scrub and massage.
Spa Manicure (35 minutes)
Basic clean, exfoliation scrub, mask, paraffin, massage and hot towel.
Men’s Sport Manicure
Includes soothing warm water soak, cuticle trim, nails shaped & filed, massage, and sea salt scrub.
No-chip gel Manicure (Shallac)
No-chip gel polish added on services
Polish change no-chip polish
No-chip gel polish removal
W/Mani $23
No-chip gel polish removal
W/ out Mani $10
$48 & up
Pedicure Services
Pedicure Services Pedicure Services
Express Pedicure (25 minutes)
Basic clean, massage, hot towel and polish.
Signature Pedicure (35 minutes)
Basic clean, exfoliation scrub, massage, hot towel and polish.
Ocean Pedicure (45 minutes)
Basic clean, callus removal, exfoliation scrub, mask, hot towel, massage and polish.
Luxury Spa Pedicure (55 minutes)
Basic clean, callus removal, exfoliation scrub, mask, paraffin, hot towel, heated neck wrap therapy, hands massage and polish.
Combo Services
Combo Services Combo Services
Classic Manicure + Signature Pedicure
Nail Enhancement Services
Nail Enhancement Services Nail Enhancement Services
Full Set / Fill-In
Acrylic Nails (Regular Polish)
$35    /   $25
Acrylic Gel (Shellac Polish)
$50    /   $40
Gel Clear Liquid (Transparent Gel)
$60    /   $50
SNS Overlay (Dipping Powder)
$48    /   $48
SNS Full Set (Pink and White)
$60    /   $60
SNS Full Set (Dipping Powder with Plastic Tips)
$55    /   $55
Added Services
Pedicure Services Pedicure Services
French Polish
Buff Add-on
Paraffin Wax
Callus Treatment
Nail Art
$5 & up
Polish Change Regular Polish (Hand/Toes)
Kids Manicure (under 10)
Kids Pedicure (under 10)
Kids Mani/Pedi combo
Fish Therapy
Our renowned Dr. Fish TM Therapy is a unique invigorating experience.
Fish Therapy Fish Therapy
15 minutes
20 minutes
25 minutes
Dr. Fish Pedicure Package
Dr. Fish TM Therapy (see above) with a traditional pedicure.
Dr. Fish Pedicure Package Dr. Fish Pedicure Package
15 minutes & Pedicure
20 minutes & Pedicure
25 minutes & Pedicure
Dr. Fish Ultimate Pedicure
The Ultimate in relaxation & rejuvenation including sugar scrub exfoliation, mask with heat therapy, foot reflexology, and OPI lotion.
Dr. Fish Ultimate Pedicure Dr. Fish Ultimate Pedicure
20 min & OPI Spa Pedicure
25 min & OPI Spa Pedicure
30 min & OPI Spa Pedicure
*Additional Dr. Fish TM Therapy session may be purchased for $10.00 per 5 minutes.
Facials Facials
With the latest innovation in nano-tech, NanoInfusion creates the next generation of non-invasive, safe and efficient result for skin care.
NanoInfusion penetrate the skin care products by opening the microchannel skin straight to the epidermis. Bring your beauty salon to your own home used. Suggest repeating the treatment two times per week.
Facials Facials
Age Defying
Eye Treatment
Eyelash Extension & Permanent Makeup
Eyelash Extension & Permanent Makeup Eyelash Extension & Permanent Makeup
Cluster Eyelashes
Eyelash Extensions
$150 & up
Refill Eyelash Cluster Extensions
Eyelash Individual
$120 - $150
Refill Eyelash Individual
Hair Extensions
Eye Liner (Upper or lower)
$350 & up
Lip Liner
$400 & up
Make up session
Make up and updo for bride
Make up and updo for prom
Hair Hair
Woman Cut & Style
Man Cut
Children (8 & under)
Shampoo, set or blow dry
Touch Up
$60 to $70
Partial Highlight
Color & Highlight
$150 to $175
Hair Glazing
$50 to $70
Color Hydrating Treatment
Smoothing Treatment w/service
Japanese Relaxer
Keratin Treatment
Therapeutic Services
Therapeutic Services Therapeutic Services
Scrub (1 hour)
Full Body scrub we use ancient combinations of rich natural ingredients that remove toxins, increase circulation, and create a natural radiance.

All scrubs include an application of conditioning body lotion, sealing in moisture and leaving the skin luxuriously refreshed
Reflexology (15 min)
Reduces stress, improves circulation, cleanse the toxins and brings the whole body back into a state of balance.
Cupping Therapy (1 hour)
Cupping therapy is a unique blend of ancient Asian cupping techniques with the application of glass cups held by suction to the body. It can be used to treat a myriad of ailments through suction and create negative pressure. This therapy is an excel-lent way of relieving common colds and flu like symtoms, muscular aches, pains and tensions. It can also be used to break up cellulite. Cupping Therapy activates the lympahatic system, allowing the bodies tissues to be drained of toxins. It can also help release rigid soft tissue, drain excess fluids, loosen adhesions and can lift connective tissue, while replenishing blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.
Therapeutic Hot Stone (1 hour)
Hot stone therapy is a specialty treatment that uses smooth heated stones. The stones are often from basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat. The heat is transferred to the body very deeply and relaxes the tensions to help release muscular aches. This therapy also improves the blood flow circulation and energy in your body.
Waxing Waxing
Side Burn
Under Arm
Chest & Shoulder
Tanning Tanning
1 Session
5 Session
10 Session
Massage Massage
1 hour massage
Half hour massage
Spa Packages
Spa Packages Spa Packages
A little Luxury
Facial, Reg. manicure and Pedicure.
A Special Surprise
30min Therapy of choice, Reg. Manicure and OPI Spa Pedicure.
Something Fishy
Dr. Fish Pedicure, Reg. Manicure, and a 30 min Body Scrub.
A Special Treat
Spa manicure, OPI Spa Pedicure, and 30 min Body Scrub.
For the Gentlemen
50 min Therapy of choice, Sport manicure and Reg. Pedicure.
Refreshing Therapy Pack
Dr. Fish Therapy 20 min, Hot Stone Massage 30 min and Spa Pedicure (choice of scent).
Get Pampered Pack
Manicure and Pedicure W/Gel Color, Reflexology 15 min (foot up to leg) and Eyebrow wax.
For the Princess Pack
Choice of Rejuvenating acne of age defying facial, Eyelash Cluster, Shampoo, Haircut and Style.
Pregnant Package
30 Min Massage, Regular Manicure, Luxury Spa Pedicure, Eyebrow Wax.
*All packages include 2 glasses of wine and canned peanuts.
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